MEA Cargo makes international shipping easier than ever. With a large variety of shipping services we will work to get your product to it’s destination in a timely and cost efficient manner. Whether personal or business, we offer a variety of services to meet all your shipping needs. See more details below.

Personal Shipping

If you ever wanted to ship a gift or some personal belongings to another country or were stuck with too much extra luggage, MEA Cargo is your solution to these problems. With MEA Cargo you can ship clothes, household items, textbooks, electronics, health equipment and much more. There is no limit to the weight or size of your goods; practically anything can be shipped. Whether your goods are packed in boxes, suitcases or bags, the flexibility of MEA Cargo’s shipping solutions allows you to take the stress off the packing process.

Below is a list of the shipping options and services that MEA Cargo offers:

Commercial Shipping

Whether books, computers or textile, MEA Cargo is determined to be your solution for all of your freight forwarding needs. With a variety of shipping solutions, we can customize our services to meet your needs. Please click on the below to expand each service for more information.