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What will customs charges be when I ship overseas?

The truth is, you just never know how much the destination country is going to charge for customs on any given item. It will depend on the rules of the particular country, what you're shipping, how many items you're shipping and a host of other variables. One thing that's for sure is, you have to make sure that your freight forwarder has the proper paperwork to go along with your shipment. MEA Cargo will help you make sure that your paperwork is in order, as part of our exceptional customer service.

Does the size of my luggage and boxes matter?

Whenever you ship something there are two weights you need to consider: actual weight and volume weight. If you ship a huge box full of feathers, you'll be charged based on the volume of the box and not the actual weight. Check out this document for more information.

What documents do I need?

Each shipment needs a shipment information sheet and based on that, more documentation may be required such as a packing list and/or commercial invoice. There are some commodities that need special certifications and documentation and MEA Cargo professionals will help you to understand all of your requirements.

How long will it take to get there?

We offer many options for shipping your cargo. How we ship will depend on how soon you need it to arrive and how much you are prepared to spend. If time is not a factor, for instance, it's cheaper to ship most overseas cargo by ocean. If you need it to arrive at its destination quickly, you can send it by air freight or courier. Of course, you'll pay more for faster shipping.

Are there special rules for shipping certain items?

There are important "dangerous goods" regulations that must be followed that depend on the type of item and the shipping method. For instance, certain types of batteries can only be shipped on cargo aircraft in limited quantities. Other types can be shipped on passenger aircraft, with special provisions. How "dangerous goods" are packed and labeled is also important.

There also may be restrictions regarding plants, animals, medication etc.

Different countries' rules may be different regarding special items and it's the responsibility of the shipper to make sure the rules are followed. Of course, MEA Cargo will be happy to steer you in the right direction and can provide any documentation that you need to fill out for your cargo.